NII Movement History

There are many Islamic movement that we should beware. Because they are the name of truth and are both claimed by the Qur’an hadith. But in reality they only take advantage of its members just to achieve their goals. One of the emerging NII discussed is the movement kw 9. Like what is the history of NII KW 9 this …? Consider the following article that I quoted from

Jakarta – “The truth is finally won. That’s right, absolutely right. But when? Truth does not come from heaven, he must strive to become true.”

Pramudya Ananta Toer, wrote that sentence in his novel ‘One Event in South Banten’. This novel reveals little military struggle hand in hand with the people to eradicate the DI / TII in South Banten.

DI is the Darul Islam, founded by Sekar Marijan Kartosoewiryo with the goal against the Dutch colonists in Indonesia. But after getting stronger, Kartosoewiryo proclaimed the Negara Islam Indonesia (NII) on 17 August 1949 and named the army by the name of the Islamic Army of Indonesia (TII).

Kartosuwiryo which the NII is called the imam or supreme leader to lead this movement from 1942 until 1962. NII has four regions of West Java and the surrounding areas, Aceh, South Sulawesi and South Kalimantan.

NII movement topsy-turvy after a rebellion in Central Java and West Java. The movement is paralyzed by crushing military operation called Bharatayuda operation. On 4 June 1962, was captured by troops Kartosuwiryo Siliwangi at Mount Geber, Majalaya, West Java. Kartosuwiryo eventually sentenced to death on August 16, 1962.

“Having demolished in 1962, the NII can be said for that paralyzed in Java. But in Aceh and South Sulawesi are still way, is still a guerilla in the forest and take the fight,” said researcher NII Imadadun Rahmat told AFP.

Execution of Kartosuwiryo make NII vacuum for 10 years. NII bergeliat return under the leadership of Tengku Daud Beureueh in 1974. Tengku Daud Beureueh on 20 September 1953 proclaimed Aceh region as part of the Islamic State of Indonesia under the leadership of Kartosuwiryo. David led the NII by the year 1979.

After David, NII leadership cadres move to Kartosuwiryo. In 1978, Adah Jaelani continued leadership tahub NII until 1987. Adah was arrested and jailed in 1987 and was free in 1993.

NII Imam then taken over by Ajengan Masduki. Kiai is commanding NII West Java from 1987 to 1990. However Ajengan Masduki later moved to Malaysia. In this neighboring country, Masduki joined Abdullah Sungkar and Abu Bakar Ba’asyir to develop a network Jemaah Islamiyah.

“It was the beginning of the 1990s JI is still subject to the NII,” said Imdadun.

Because Ajengan Masduki moved to Malaysia, the leadership of NII in Java followed by Haji Karim until 1992. Haji Karim later died, the priest then taken over Abu Toto NII or Panji Gumilang, head of Pondok Pesantren Al Olives, Indramayu. “The testimony of many former NII, Panji Gumilang NII was a priest,” said Imdadun.

Panji Gumilang during 1992-1994 to become a priest while the NII. In 1994, after release from prison Jaelani Adah, Adah headed back NII. But in 1996, re-submitted to the NII because Panji Gumilang old Adah. “Until now Panji Gumilang NII is still a priest,” said Imdadun.

Then NII KW 9 which allegedly do against Laila Febriani brainwashing (Lian) entry in the NII, which one? Is NII KW 9 Kartosoewiryo still continue the struggle to build an Islamic state?

Mustafa B Nahrawardaya, Crime Analyst Coordinator Indonesian Forum (ICAF), stating that NII is still in operation today is no longer a pure NII. Including NII NII NII KW 9 is infiltrated by false intelligence.

“Since the turn of the priest from Kartosoewirjo to its successor before formed commandment Region IX (or better known KW9 NII), is no longer pure NII NII movement. Movement of the formation of the country under the banner of Islam, it has been infiltrated (infiltrated) by intelligence. As a result, NII formation of this intelligence very much true character with NII that all pioneered Kartosoewirjo, David Beureuh, “said Mustafa.

While Imdadun explained that the NII has 10 military regions called commandment region. NII KW 9 charge of Jakarta and its surroundings and is the most developed NII movement and solid compared to other NII. “KW 9 is yes its network Al Olives Panji Gumilang leadership,” said Imdadun.

Meanwhile, NII also has a lot of splinter groups. These splinter groups such as those developed by Ajengan Masduki and Ba’asyir and Abdullah Sungkar. In 1990, Ba’asyir Masduki and conflict. Finally Ba’asyir and Abdullah Sungkar develop JI. While the group loyal to Ajengan Masduki form a network of Mujahedeen Army Nusantara (AMIN). AMIN group, according to military analysts Henry Purwanto, also doing the brainwashing in recruiting members.

Until recently, according Imdadun still apparent disagreement about the original NII and NII are false. What is clear is still pure NII under the leadership Kartosoewiryo. After Kartosoewiryo executed, NII bergeliat vacuum and again in 1971 and began to place each of the original claims about the NII.


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